We’ll Clear You to Drive

We’ll Clear You to Drive

Register for a CDL physical in Casper, WY

A CDL physical verifies that someone is fit enough to operate a commercial vehicle, like a bus or 18-wheeler. Our doctor is available on Thursdays to administer physicals for DOT and non-DOT personnel.

Once you’ve completed your physical, you’ll get a certificate verifying that you can safely operate a vehicle for your job. This certification is federal, and you need to have it done every two years unless recommended by the physician.

Get your CDL physical in Casper, WY with us. Call now to schedule your appointment.

Visit us for your DOT physical exam

Prepare for your job at the Department of Transportation with a DOT physical exam from Pioneer Testing Services. Our examination consists of:

  • Checking your blood pressure
  • Administering a hearing test
  • Giving you an eye exam
  • Verifying whether you’re colorblind
  • Determining your medication history
You’ll also get a basic physical to test for reflexes and muscle strength.

Call today to set up a DOT physical exam in Casper, WY.